What is organic cleaning?

What is organic cleaning and why does it matter?

Green cleaning is a crowded marketplace.  Many brands are struggling to project their USP’s (Unique Selling Points) and this is largely because so many products are similar.   Most brands outsource manufacturing to a number of contract facilities across the UK and the rest of the world where the same ingredients are used repeatedly, and it is often only labeling & packaging that stamp some individuality on cleaning products.

Businesses are well aware of the importance of green claims to consumers and this is why jostling for the ‘green ground’ is so competitive.  After all, the health of the environment really does matter.  No one wants to pollute water systems and kill off ecosystems or contribute to rainforest destruction – especially if they believe that the products they are choosing are not harmful.

Are you being misled by green claims?

We are all used to hearing about ‘eco-friendly’, ‘environmentally friendly’, ‘green’,  ‘all-natural’, ‘sustainable’, refills and refillable cleaning and laundry products.  These soundbites can become overwhelming and confusing.  There is no doubt that the household sector is awash with green claims that can be inaccurate and unsupportable.

Recently, the Government has tasked the CMA with scrutinising green claims in sales of household essentials, including cleaning & laundry.

“We’re concerned many shoppers are being misled and potentially even paying a premium for products that aren’t what they seem”.

(CMA, Competition & Markets Authority, January 2023).

The CMA state that up to 91% of all dishwashing items and 100% of toilet products are marketed in the UK as ‘green’ or ‘environmentally friendly’. Does this mean that no products in these categories are harmful to the environment?  How can we identify which products are authentic and really green?

Shoppers need evidence for green claims!

What we need is evidence!  This is the only way we can truly identify whether a product is sustainable, green or non-toxic.  Evidence is expensive for companies to produce and so most rely on unsubstantiated claims.  Evidence comes in the form of reputable third-party certifications and laboratory reports which can be reproduced and checked.  The Government needs to support consumers by increasing awareness of reputable third party certifiers to help identify ‘really green’ brands.

Organic cleaning is authentic

Organic cleaning is different.  It is certified and checked.  It relies upon up-to-date evidence to justify green claims.  Organic cleaning is good for the planet and the health of all living things.  Organic cleaning products are over 70% certified organic and other ingredients conform to a strict palette of naturals that are approved by The Soil Association.  But this is just the starting point.

Once you have a product range based on certified organic ingredients then you can tweak the list so that all these ingredients can be certified palm oil free and vegan and cruelty-free too.  You can provide evidence for all this, and you need to if you want your products to be approved.  Once you have taken the big step to base your range on certified organic ingredients, there are so many wins.

Organic cleaning is non-toxic

Certified organic ingredients are some of the purest on the planet and this is proven by a multi-level verification process.  Every supplier is checked to ensure each ingredient conforms to strict growing procedures and every processor is inspected regularly to ensure each ingredient is handled and stored correctly.

Whether it is soap nuts, aloe vera or essential oils, organic ingredients provide the healthiest base for cleaning products and ensure a toxin free formulation.  Because they are so pure, organic and natural ingredients provide plenty of concentrated power, making organic cleaning products a pleasure to use.

Organic cleaning is suitable for everyone: babies and young children, the elderly and ill, our pets & animals.  Organic cleaning protects our water systems and our natural ecosystems, reduces plastic pollution and lowers our carbon footprint.

Organic cleaning is sustainable

Organic ingredients are usually not micro processed, and this brings a host of benefits.  Plants are mostly grown in natural conditions outside, exposed to local weather and sunlight.  The plant grows in an ideal environment and nutrients are maximised.  Each part of the plant is valued and used by the farmer ensuring that there is very little waste. Simple preservation methods (e.g. drying soap nut pods in the sun) are preferred which avoid the introduction of unnecessary fillers and bulking agents.  Single ingredients are usually offered for sale, which maximises purity.  The whole growing process works with nature rather than against it and is therefore very sustainable.

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You can trust Greenscents

Greenscents has over 10 years of experience with organic cleaning: formulating, sourcing & storing ingredients and making up products.  We are proud to be the only producer of laundry and cleaning certified organic with The Soil Association and certified palm oil free with POFCAP.  If you are looking for a premium, eco-friendly household range that you can trust – try Greenscents.

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