Refill Cleaning & Laundry Products

Why return and refill?

If you send back your 5 & 20 litre empties we can reuse them again and again. This cuts out waste and demand for new plastics and reduces your carbon footprint. Create your own refill station at home and save money too!

Find out how to send back your empties for free.

Let’s go circular

The circular economic system supports sustainable business.   It replaces our traditional linear system that follows the ‘take-make-dispose’ approach where manufacturing results in masses of discarded waste.

The circular system is based on three principles:

  • eliminating waste and pollution
  • circulating products and materials
  • regenerating nature

All underpinned by a transition to renewable energy and materials.

A circular economy follows the 3R approach of reduce, reuse and recycle and helps us build a sustainable future.

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