Plastic free Packaging


  • Greenscents bottles are made of amber glass and can be reused & refilled almost indefinitely.  
  • We use amber glass to protect our organic essential oils and other natural ingredients from sunlight.  
  • We recommend wiping the outside of our bottles with a damp cloth and then drying the bottle to remove any spills.  We suggest washing our glass bottles by hand rather than using the dishwasher for longer life.  
  • Always use glass bottles with great care and make sure the bottle and your hands are dry before use.  
  • Our caps are made from aluminium.  
  • Our accessories page offers a range of sustainable pumps and sprays that can be reused almost indefinitely.  
  • We offer bottles made from biopolymers (the waste from cane sugar production) for customers who prefer an unbreakable bottle.  
  • Our sustainable vegan labels are available as replacements so you can keep your bottles looking pristine.

5 & 20 litre containers

  • Our refills come in UN approved containers made from HDPE.  Fortunately, we buy very few new ones as customers return their empties for free.

Boxes & packaging

  • All Greenscents boxes are made from cardboard and can be recycled in household collection schemes and at recycling points.
  • We use paper bubble wrap, shredded cardboard and corrugated or honeycomb sleeves to package Greenscents products and these can be recycled as cardboard.
  • Our filler is made from renewable sources, is 100% biodegradable and fully compostable.
  • Our packaging tape is made from paper and is 100% recyclable.
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