Anti-Bacterial Anti-Viral

COVID-19 has transformed our lives and the way we clean.  Removing bacteria and viruses from our homes is now a priority and thankfully we have a new appreciation of natural methods of germ removal.

All Greenscents products can be effective at removing microbes:

  • When cleaning surfaces, spray Greenscents multi-surface spray liberally and use a damp, washable cloth to remove all the bacteria and microbes.  Rinse the cloth well under running water to wash away all the germs.  Dry the surface with a clean t-towel.
  • Greenscents All-Purpose Sanitiser can be used to remove germs on all sealed surfaces e.g. floors, handles, light switches, paintwork. Concentrate on touch points for maximum effectiveness. Pour a small amount of sanitiser onto a damp washable cloth and wipe the surface.  Rinse the cloth thoroughly under running water to rinse the bacteria down the drain and wring out. Dry the surface with a clean t-towel. For larger areas, dilute using 2-3 pumps of sanitiser in a medium bucket of hot water, mop and leave to dry.
  • Separate your washing into piles and generally wash at higher temperatures. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for fabrics that cannot be washed at high temperatures. Kitchen cloths, t-towels, kitchen hand towels and oven gloves made from natural fibres should be washed at 90 degrees or the highest setting on your washing machine; wash towels, flannels & bedlinen at 60 degrees or higher; underwear & nightwear wash at 60 degrees or higher and any soiled clothes or fabric should be washed separately on the highest temperature setting on your washing machine.
  • Clean WC’s regularly with an anti-bacterial loo cleaner.  Greenscents loo cleaner should be spread with a brush before leaving for one minute to kill 99.9% of all germs.

There are many wonderful organic essential oils that are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral and we have created some fabulous aromatic blends with the help of The Exmoor Herbalist including Hygge, Forest & Meadow. These blends can be added to Nonscents products for additional support and create a fragrant but powerful mist from your diffuser. A few drops can be used on a washable cloth for instant anti-bacterial or anti-viral action.

For times when you need more help, Greenscents Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Spray with Anti-Viral Support is ideal. Leave the spray on the surface for one minute to kill 99.9% of germs and follow the instructions on the label. Surfaces can be cleaned first with any multi-surface spray as suggested above for a fail-safe approach.

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