Festive Cleaning made easy!

The run up to Christmas and the festive season is often stressful.  As the daylight fades the days fly by even faster! As well as all our usual activities, during December there is present finding & wrapping, food shopping, cooking, contacting friends & relatives and entertaining!

Enjoying the celebrations is much easier if we are relaxed and organised.  A well-ordered home is one of the best ways to keep a calm & cool mood.  Greenscents products are perfect for the pre-holiday clean.  Our certified non-toxic formulations mean that during the indoor winter months there is no harm to our health from deep cleaning.

Make space for the tree

One of the first tasks is to decide where to put the Christmas tree.  If it is a real tree you will need to remove it after the celebrations and it is much easier if it is placed near an outside door – that way you stand a chance of keeping the pine needles on the branches!  A dustpan & brush is very useful as pine needles can easily clog up vacuum cleaners.  Our All Purpose Sanitiser is great for wiping down paintwork & skirtings before your tree is settled.  Cleaning windows before the decorations & lights go up means more sparkle and glinting glow. Greenscents Glass Cleaner is perfect for this indoor job as there are no toxic chemicals to irritate your throat, nose & lungs.

Make space for your presents

Early December is a good time to reorganise cupboards & drawers in preparation for the hoped-for gifts. Our multi surface sprays are great for cleaning any sealed surfaces and perfect for furniture. If you choose from our fragranced range, our organic essential oil blends leave a gorgeous aroma as you clean.

Greenscents tip: All our sprays can remove bacteria and viruses if you follow the directions on the label.  If you want to kill bacteria then you need our anti-bacterial spray fragranced with Bergamot.

“It’s become a staple in our home and an integral part of our household cleaning kit. Incredible product at a really affordable price” T.Harrison review, Greenscents anti-bacterial spray.

Make space for your guests

If you are entertaining or having overnight guests, it is always best to plan ahead and launder everything that may be needed.  Whether it is tablecloths and napkins that have not been used recently or bed linen and towels treat your guests to the best with Greenscents Laundry Liquid & Laundry Conditioner.  Non-toxic ingredients and fabulous fragrances mean that preparing for your guests is a breeze!

Greenscents tip:  If you are washing at 40 degrees or below and drying fabrics indoors it is safest to steam iron your clothes and linens to get rid of any remaining bacteria. 

“Really amazing! My favorite Greenscents product!” V.V. review, Greenscents castile soap.

Greenscents tip:  To brighten whites, replace your laundry liquid with approximately twice the volume of castile soap on a hot wash.  Great for all cotton/linen whites including bedlinen, towels & tea towels.

Banish colds & viruses

Nobody wants Christmas spoiled by colds & viruses and although we cannot avoid all germs, we can reduce the risks considerably.  Before your guests arrive, make sure to wipe down all touchpoints with a sanitiser, multi-surface spray or anti-bacterial spray.  Clean door & cupboard knobs, light switches, loo handles, taps & plugs.  Once your guests have left you can repeat this process.  If you have a diffuser use an anti-bacterial/anti-viral organic essential oil blend like Hygge that smells great but also kills off unwanted germs.  A diffuser placed in the hall or entrance to your home can be very effective and will wow your guests with the warm and zesty aromas.  Hygge oil can also be used on a damp cloth for anti-bacterial cleaning and in the washing machine to help remove bacteria & viruses.

Greenscents tip:  Take a little bottle of Hygge oil with you when you travel.  You can try a few drops on clothing or on a tissue and inhale the scents if you are travelling on public transport or walking in crowded areas.  If you are a guest – a few drops on a flannel or cloth will remove bacteria & viruses on surfaces within one minute.

Our very best wishes for a peaceful & happy holiday!


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