What are the benefits of organic cleaning sprays?

Those of you who have tried Greenscents sprays will know why they have become such iconic products over the years!

These effective cleaners are a pleasure to use and for those who enjoy natural fragrance, Greenscents multi-surface sprays can transform the cleaning experience.

Cleaning with sprays can be hazardous

It is also true that cleaning surfaces with sprays is one of the most potentially harmful cleaning activities and requires extra care with product sourcing.  Conventional and non-organic sprays can cause serious respiratory health issues, increase cancer risks, and can contain endocrine disruptors.  Some people may have experienced wheezing, coughing or chest tightness when cleaning the shower and this is usually the consequence of toxic chemicals.

Hundreds of different VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are emitted from cleaning sprays, the majority of which are not disclosed on ingredient labels.  These hazardous chemicals pollute our indoor environments with some VOC’s remaining in the air for weeks or months.  Choosing Greenscents certified organic sprays means you stay safe as you can be certain all ingredients are listed on the label and rule out toxic ingredients.

Stay safe with certified organic ingredients

Made with our unique organic surfactant mix, based on soap nuts and shikakai pods we have formulated a range of sprays for all your household tasks.  Greenscents sprays are ready to use and a little goes a very long way!

Fragranced or Nonscents

Fragranced Greenscents sprays include fabulous organic essential oil blends formulated for their functional properties as well as their delightful aromas:

  • Minty, lavender & citrus blends fragrance our regular multi-surface sprays. These sprays are super all-rounders and can be used on any sealed surface.  Bacteria and other microbes can be removed effectively by following the directions on the labels.
  • Organic bergamot oil is used in our best-selling anti-bacterial spray with anti-viral support. We recommend this spray if you or any family members are ill and you need extra protection.  This spray kills bacteria on your surfaces which can then be removed with a damp cloth.  Detailed instructions are provided on the label but to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria the spray must be left on the surface for 1 minute.
  • Nonscents is our pure and unfragranced range that includes our soon to be launched Nonscents multi-surface spray. Recent research has confirmed that the safest household sprays that release the lowest levels of VOC’s are non-fragranced.  We always recommend our Nonscents range to those people caring for babies under 6 months and the elderly or infirm.  Of course, anyone with fragrance allergies should opt for the Nonscents range.
  • Greenscents Glass Cleaner is 99% certified organic and is a healthy replacement to conventional sprays that often include hazardous solvent VOC’s in high concentrations.
  • Fruit & Veg Wash is a fantastic spray to help remove dirt, debris and surface pesticides. Even if you buy organic fruit & veg this is still a very worthwhile product and particularly useful if you prefer loose produce or box schemes where many hands will have touched your stuff.

Join the circular system with our FREE returns service

Don’t forget our circular system for refilling and reusing. Our 5 & 20 litre containers can be sent back to Greenscents free when you place your next order.  Just sign up to send your empties back at the checkout.

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