Organic baby products for protection against allergies

how to prevent eczema in babies

Congratulations to all pregnant mums and new parents! This in an exciting time and we know you want to do your best for your baby. Avoiding allergies is important for the future health and wellbeing of your growing child. Here at Greenscents we want to help you to make the switch to low-allergen living. Using natural and organic baby products is ideal especially as you are reducing the level of toxins in your home. If you are a parent or planning a pregnancy, you will understand the importance of a naturally clean environment for your new baby. Start by considering the areas where your baby will spend most of his/her time.

Top Tips for protecting your baby in the home

In the nursery:

  • If you are renewing decorations, make sure you use non-toxic paints with low VOC’s. These reduced solvent paints have virtually no odour and will not irritate your baby’s lungs and airways.
  • Natural floorings such as organic cork with virtually no VOC’s are ideal for babies. Include organic cotton or wool rugs for soft play. Try to choose rugs that can be machine washed. Avoid synthetic materials and choose organic wool if there are allergies in the family.
  • Organic cotton is probably the best fabric for baby-friendly areas. Curtains, blinds & furnishings are made in organic cotton and this material is best for baby clothes and bedding too!

Around the home

  • The latest research shows that having cats and dogs as an infant reduces the chances of developing asthma, eczema and hay fever. Also more exposure to pets means more protection. This is great news for pet-loving parents!
  • Banish the mould from kitchens and bathrooms and keep humidity low. Good ventilation is important for baby-friendly rooms. Using a non-toxic multi-surface spray regularly will remove fungus and mould.
  • Clean air is essential for babies, so open windows when pollen and pollution are low. Using an air purifier is a good idea if you live in a city or near a main road.
  • Invest in a steam cleaner and keep surfaces, floors and upholstery clean and free of harmful bacteria.
  • Using a HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner means that tiny particles including dust, allergens and dander are removed from the air and will not be breathed in by your baby.

Baby laundry and cleaning

  • Use only organic household products with no fragrance for the safest way to clean.
  • Washing new baby clothes in organic laundry liquid and conditioner will not only reduce the risk of eczema but also ensure that your baby fabrics remain as good as new.
  • Enjoy choosing organic baby products for your little one. For allergy safe skin care and laundry, check out ingredients and look for organic certifications.
Household products for pregnant mums

Advice for pregnant mums

Exposure to toxins can start before your baby is born. Now that you are pregnant take extra care to avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC’S). These chemicals are present in pesticides, paints, plastics, cleaning agents and flame retardants on upholstery. Now is the time to clean up your home environment and prepare for your new arrival – safe in the knowledge that you have done everything possible to avoid unnecessary allergens in your home.

Useful information

Breast Cancer UK, a charity dedicated to preventing the preventable, offers a useful guide for pregnant mums

Greenscents offers a fragrance-free certified organic range perfect for babies called Nonscents

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