How to create a balanced home

Do you love going home?  Do visitors remark on your cosy, relaxed home environment?

Even after the pandemic, we are all spending longer at home and less time travelling.  That means more time at home working than before Covid-19; and the same time on housework, cooking and childcare, with women still clocking up nearly an hour a day more on these tasks than men.

With all this time living and working at home it is essential to create positive, supportive spaces for every family member.  Our home is our sanctuary.  We all need a place to rest and recharge but creating the ideal environment is not easy.  Our homes fulfil many roles: home, office, gym, hotel and nursery so it is not surprising if functional practicalities often swamp our design ideas.  With so many different activities going on in the home, how do we create the balance we need to avoid jumble and chaos?


The basics of balance

A balanced home environment is clean and safe.  It is suitable for everyone – old and young as well as our beloved pets.

Organic cleaning allows us to maintain our homes without the threat of toxins and this is central to a balanced environment.  Enjoy the uplifting scents of organic essential oils and natural ingredients while you clean.  Use this as a positive time to practice mindfulness or listen to soothing music.  Explore the Greenscents range of organic cleaning here.

In addition, we need to:

  • plan enough time for home routines and rituals so they slot seamlessly into your day. If you enjoy a bath or shower in the evening, maybe add in extra time to create a clean and welcoming environment with candles and organic essential oils to help you relax.
  • tackle unpleasant tasks sooner rather than later. If you loathe washing up, piles of dirty plates will not make you feel better!
  • always prioritise cleaning in areas of risk – kitchens, bathrooms and children’s bedrooms should be first on the list.
  • freshen your home with natural aromas and fresh air. There is no need to use toxic chemicals to make your rooms smell better.  Organic essential oil blends in a diffuser or in your laundry are natural and uplifting.  On sunny days, an open window will do wonders for the air circulation in your home.
  • Mask intrusive noise pollution. Learning to shut out negative noise is important if we are to achieve balance in the home. Playing nature sounds or meditation music can solve many noise issues.  Otherwise, thick curtains or headphones may be necessary.

Creating a healthy, happy home

A healthy home is crucial to our physical and mental wellbeing. Especially in winter, when we spend more time indoors, attending to matters of health are all-important.  We must prioritise:

  • Ventilation: enjoy the blast of cold air and interact with nature.  Exchange indoor air with fresh air from outside to help remove bacteria and viruses.
  • Staying warm: – within budget. An unheated home at 10 degrees C has a profound effect on our heart, lungs and brain.
  • No outdoor footwear indoors: dirt, bacteria & viruses should be left outside.
  • Remove black moulds: these toxic fungi often caused by condensation should be carefully cleaned away.
  • Use organic essential oils: prioritise anti-bacterial and anti-viral blends to reduce unhealthy microbes in your home.

Minding your mental health

Creating tranquil spaces in our home with restful colours and natural elements soothes the spirit and nourishes the mind.  It is worth considering:

  • Decluttering which is widely accepted as good for our stress hormones. Make sure you choose a good time for decluttering – when you are feeling calm but decisive!
  • Indoor plants can be therapeutic and reduce stress, sharpen your attention and improve productivity as well as boost your mood.
  • Calm corners. Creating a few small spaces that feel luxurious and indulgent can really help our mental health.  Throws, rugs, and mementoes set the scene for mindfulness, reading and other quiet pursuits.

Finding balance at home can do wonders for your health.  Why not start now?

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