How to be a Super Vegan!

Super vegan plant based food

Becoming vegan and eating no animal produce is probably the greatest thing you can do for the planet and is a very sustainable way to live.

But can you be a super vegan?

Here at Greenscents we have been wondering what a super vegan would be like. So let’s consider the evidence.

Super vegans are committed to a plant based diet and look for products certified by The Vegan Society, Cruelty Free International and other reputable organisations

There are multiple benefits of veganism but most people are attracted to the impact it has on farmed animals and fish. PETA says that every vegan saves nearly 200 animals per year and that’s a massive impact on animal suffering.

There is no doubt that factory farming is appalling and every sentient creature has a right to be treated with respect and compassion. Extensive scientific evidence proves that animals can think, feel, experience pain and suffer. It is high time that this was recognised and enshrined in law. Compelling evidence of animal suffering is highlighted by Viva! Undercover investigation has revealed the sore underbelly of intensive factory farming and the divisiveness of the Red Tractor trademark.

vegan girl loves her dog

All super vegans are best friends with their pets and understand their needs as animals

All domestic animals should have rights to a healthy and happy life. This includes our animal companions.

Super vegans are supporters of wild animal charities and consider biodiversity decline a super serious issue

Wild animals need protection too. Research from 2014 revealed that humans are causing wild species to disappear at 1,000 times the natural rate, mostly due to human-caused climate change, deforestation, habitat encroachment, overfishing, pesticides, poaching and pollution. Even in protected areas, animals, plants and invertebrates are rapidly vanishing. Initiatives such as The Wildlife Trusts campaign ’30 by 30′ which aims to raise £30 million to start putting nature into recovery across at least 30% of land and sea by 2030 are super important.

Super vegans want wildlife markets closed and alternative plant protein sources provided for the rural poor

The origin of the COVID-19 outbreak is believed to have been in a ‘wet market’ in Wuhan, China, that sold live and dead wildlife and domestic animals along with other foods for human consumption.

healthy vegan food

Super healthy vegans choose certified organic ingredients over non-organic or UPF foods every time

Eating a vegan diet can be fun and interesting but it can be hard work to prepare meals from scratch. If you have limited time it is easier to reach for a pre-prepared meal. Recent research (Sorbonne University, 2020) has shown that vegans are most likely to eat UPF’s ultra-processed foods (industrial plant based meat and dairy substitutes) such as veggie burgers – made with flavouring agents, colourings and other chemicals. Avoiding UPF’s is crucial if you want to be a healthy vegan and this means buying whole foods and plenty of vegetables and fruit.

The benefits of certified organic produce on health has been tested by The University of Newcastle (2014) and it was found that organic vegetables and fruit increased the intake of nutritionally desirable antioxidants as well as reducing the intake of potentially harmful cadmium and pesticides.

orangutan in rainforest

Wherever possible super vegans choose certified palm oil free products to protect the rain forests and all the animals and plants that live there

The same philosophy flows through all things super vegans buy. They are all conscious consumers and carefully research their purchases. As well as prioritising organic production, super vegans are sensitive to the plight of animals in the rainforests. Palm oil free certified products are particularly important to help protection of Orangutans, Sumatran Elephants, Borneo Pygmy Elephants, Sumatran Rhinos and Sumatran Tigers. POFCAP certifies companies that are palm oil free and profits are passed to organisations in the rain forests to help protect these environments for indigenous species.

Super vegans always choose Greenscents laundry and household products – the most ethical you can buy

When it comes to household and laundry products the super vegan shops for Greenscents. The entire range is certified vegan with The Vegan Society, cruelty free with CFI and Naturewatch, organic with the Soil Association and soon to be announced palm oil free.

Are there other ways to be a super vegan? Do let us know……

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