Spring Cleaning Essentials for 2021

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At last, the cold weather seems to be breaking and our COVID-19 roadmap is underway. Children are back to school and it is time to declutter and clean. The key to good spring cleaning is not to attempt everything – you will be left worn out and frazzled. Focus on critical tasks only and you will be surprised how quickly you can transform your home!

Let in fresh air

Unless you live on a main road now is the time to open windows and doors and let fresh (and probably cold) air to circulate throughout your home. Turn off the heating and leave windows and doors open for as long as possible, or for 5 minutes every hour to exchange the stale air. Ventilation has been recognised as an important factor in combatting COVID-19 and it plays an important part in ridding your home of all bugs and germs. We know that COVID-19 has the greatest chance of survival at temperatures of 5-15 degrees centigrade. This means that we should turn the heat back up after we have refilled our rooms with clean air.

Plan your spring cleaning

If you are working from home, it is good to break up the day and perhaps start some reorganising during your down time. Start your own road map and imagine how you want your home to look during the summer months. Keep to the critical path: this may mean cleaning out the fridge now and planning to clean windows in April/May.

Get prepared

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Prepare a cleaning basket to include washable cloths, multi-surface sprays, t-towels, polish and floor soap. If you are trying to reduce the number of products you use start with an organic castile soap which can be used for almost everything. For optimum spring cleaning, invest in a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner.

Many people like to make their own cleaning products using their favourite organic essential oils for the annual spring clean. This can be a very satisfying and rewarding activity. The best base for home-made cleaning products is an organic castile soap. Try our Nonscents Castile soap – a perfect foundation for your own unique products.

Spring cleaning tips

To get yourself in the spring-cleaning mood, turn on your diffuser and use our Hygge essential oil blend to gently cleanse and purify your working environment. A steam cleaner is great for tackling curtains and soft furnishings. Steam clean when the windows are open and curtains and blinds should dry quicker. Hard blinds should be wiped with an organic multi-surface spray on a washable cloth. Now is a good time to wash throws, blankets and cushion covers and air dry. Make sure you use an organic laundry liquid for delicates and woollens and this is a good time to indulge in an organic laundry conditioner that will soften fabrics and make them feel luxurious.

Remember that all contact points such as door and window handles, light switches, taps, tables and devices need regular cleaning. Spray an organic multi-surface product on a washable cloth, wiping the surface thoroughly and then rinse the germs down the drain. After COVID-19 we should continue with these cleaning habits as they will always be useful for reducing bacteria & viruses in our homes.

Don’t forget your pets!

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If you have pets this is a great time to wash bedding, winter coats and clean out baskets. Using an organic multi-surface spray and floor soap is ideal as you can be sure there will be no nasties or toxins to poison your animals.

The most important message for this year’s spring clean is start now and stay safe. Certified organic cleaning products will help you create your healthy happy home!

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