Create your own refill station at home

You may have heard of zero waste – you may have even visited a zero waste shop but did you know that you can create your own refill station at home?

It can be a lot of effort going green but here is one way that is fun and saves you time & money.  Buying in bulk and using a refill station for cleaning products is great for the planet too. 

Greenscents refill station

Here’s how to create your own refill station at home

First, you need to clear a space for your new products.  This may be the hardest thing to do.  If you buy Greenscents this will be much easier as our 5 litre containers last so long and you won’t need a larger size.  A good way to start your home refill station is to stack the 5 litre containers and refill bottles as you need them.  

You can focus on laundry liquid and conditioner but you can also include household products as well like washing up liquid and sprays.

Greenscents refill 20 litre
Greenscents 20 litre Laundry Liquid refill will do 880 washes

All Greenscents 5 litre containers include a tap which makes refilling really simple:  just place the box on the worktop, unscrew any clean bottle and place it under the tap.  Then dispense the amount you need from the tap on the 5 litre container.  Make sure to close the tap completely afterwards to avoid spills & drips.  When you get towards the end, it may help to remove the bag from the box so you can squeeze out all the liquid.  The cardboard box can be recycled from home and all the inner bags and taps can be sent back to Greenscents for recycling.

Here are some great reasons to create a refill station at home

  • Save on plastic – if you bulk buy laundry & household products you are seriously reducing the amount of plastic you use.  At Greenscents we use biopolymer bottles but when you purchase our 5 litre containers we use 5 times less new material.  This is a huge difference as reducing the amount of material we use is more important to the environment than any other plastic saving measure.
  • Save on price – 5 litre containers should always be cheaper than buying bottles.  At Greenscents the price of the 5 litre containers is around 10% less than the equivalent bottle price. You may find cheaper options but Greenscents is the only fully certified organic product and it really pays to be aware of what is in the bottle. Plus our products are super-concentrated – with laundy liquids, for example, it’s always worth checking how many washes the refill you buy will do.
  • No more running out of stuff – Laundry  and household products can be a pain to buy from the supermarket.  They are heavy and bulky and often very smelly too!  When you begin to see that your 5 litre container is running low you can reorder at any time on the Greenscents website and you know that your order will usually be with you in a couple of days.  There will be no delivery charge either.  Greenscents 5 litre containers will be delivered direct to your door – so no struggling in from the car in the rain and the only heavy lifting is to the kitchen or utility room.
Reduce Reuse Recycle
  • Lower your carbon footprint  – buying in bulk will reduce the amount of new plastic (or equivalent) that you use.  Also, because Greenscents products are super concentrated and use much less water than others this means that less weight is carried and this reduces your carbon footprint further.
  • Join the circular economy – reduce, reuse, recycle- these are the essentials of the circular economy which aims to reduce rubbish to zero.  When you use your refill station at home you will be joining the circular economy and mimicking nature.  Look around at plants, animals and birds near you – without us there would be no trash at all!
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