Nomads: fairtrade clothing label

Nomads fairtrade clothing
Vicky Jackson, Founder and Creative Director of Nomads

To mark Fashion Revolution Week 2020 we talked to Vicky Jackson of fairtrade clothing brand, Nomads.

Can you tell us a bit about Nomads and what makes you special?

Nomads create fair trade clothing. We design our own prints and styles and work closely with our partners in India to create unique, well fitting, comfortable clothing which offers something different from what is available on the high street.

We only use natural fibres which are organic where possible.

We are certified by BAFTS as a fair trade supplier and have GOTS certification.

How and why was Nomads set up?

Nomads started over 30 years ago while travelling in India. We were struck by the colours and crafts which were, at the time, rarely seen in the UK.

We started as market traders, buying off the shelf products during our travels in India. Over time we realised that there was a demand for colourful, unique clothing and jewellery. We have always valued our partners in India and the business has been fair trade from its inception.

Vicky Jackson and Nomads makers
Vicky with some of the Nomads makers

Can you tell us about the fabrics your clothes are made of and the dyes that are used?

We use only natural fibres, even our raincoats don’t use polyester. Even recycled polyesters release micro fibres so we prefer to stick with cotton and viscose.

All of our jersey is GOTS certified.

We use Azo free dyes.

Why did you choose to use GOTS certified fabrics, what does the certification mean and why do you believe it is important for textiles to be certified organic?

GOTS is the major certification body in India for cotton. It means that we can be sure of what we are buying and the GOTS certification process also covers many social and environmental checks giving us added peace of mind.

We’d love to know more about your fair trade status and the people who make your clothes?

We are a certified supplier with BAFTS, (British Association of Fair Trade Shops)

Our clothes are made in India by factories which we personally visit twice a year. They are Sedex approved and the larger ones are either GOTS certified or working towards GOTS certification.

Small suppliers are unable to cover the costs of certification but we help them by suggesting improvements during our visits.

We have been working with most of our factories for several years. The longest for over 18 years. So they have become friends and we value our time together and try to work together for the good of both businesses.

Vicky of Nomads fairtrade clothing
Vicky during one of her many trips to India

What packaging do you use for sending out your products to customers?

We use recycled cardboard boxes for our larger orders.

All garments come packed in compostable bags.

Smaller orders are packed in FSC paper bags.

Do you think it’s important that people who buy organic clothes, choose organic laundry products?

Yes, organic laundry products are a great help in reducing pollution and continuing the organic cycle.


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