Hygge your home for health & wellbeing

hygge socks in front of the fire

Winter is truly upon us. As I write this the first snow is on the ground and patches of ice congregate on the drive. The latest lockdown means that we all remain at home which brings difficulties for everyone.

Practical ways to protect ourselves

Greenscents coronavirus guide

COVID-19 has brought many extra strains into our lives.  We all understand the importance of remaining safe and abiding by the rules even though this can be very frustrating.  There are many practical ways to reduce our COVID risk and the new updated COVID guide is available to download free from the Greenscents website.  Keeping safe reduces our stress and increases our optimism.

Enjoy the Hygge season!

This is the ‘hygge’ season and we should embrace all that it offers!
Whether this means playing board games, making marmalade, bird-watching, drinking hot chocolate or spending all day in pyjamas and woolly socks. There are so many simple ways to enhance our mood and feel contented.

Fill your home with the aroma of cosiness

diffuser for essential oil
Add Hygge essential oil blend to a diffuser for a zesty aroma

Why not try our new Hygge organic essential oil blend for an instant mood enhancer? A combination of bergamot and cinnamon teamed with eucalyptus and rosemary creates a wonderful warm & zesty fragrance great for all kinds of diffusers.

Use our new Hygge blend to disinfect

Hygge essential oil blend
Add Hygge to Nonscents Multi Surface Spray for disinfecting action

Hygge blend is anti-bacterial and anti-viral so it is a perfect aroma to enjoy in your home right now. You can add our Hygge blend to the Nonscents range of laundry & household products for extra protection and a unique fragrance. Add to Nonscents Laundry Liquid or Multi Surface Spray to deliver a superb balance of fragrance and support.

Only a few drops is necessary to disinfect laundry and remove bacteria & viruses from surfaces in the home. When you add Hygge to your spray you will need 1.5 ml for a 500 ml spray bottle (our 10ml bottle is enough for at least 6 full bottles of spray). Make sure you leave the product on your surface for at least 1 minute to ensure you kill off 99.9% of harmful pathogens. Wipe off with a clean washable cloth and rinse thorough under the tap to remove all the pathogens. Dry the surface with a clean t-towel.

Hygge essential oil with laundry products
Fragrance the Nonscents laundry range with Hygge

Adding Hygge blend to your laundry wash is easy. Simply pour 20-25 ml Nonscents Laundry Liquid into the detergent tray and add between 5 to 15 drops of Hygge on top. For a concentrated aromatic storm add more Hygge blend to your Nonscents Laundry Conditioner. Experiment and you will find the right level of oil to suit your wash.

Greenscents Hygge blend can be added to Nonscents Floor Soap for an anti-bacterial and anti-viral wash for hard floors. Just add a few drops with the floorsoap to a bucket of hot water.

Adding hygge to our homes provides comfort and warmth during the dark days of winter. Our health and wellness are top of the agenda just now so try Greenscents Hygge essential oil blend to get that balance just right!


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