How to keep bedrooms clean if you suffer from allergies

How to keep bedrooms clean if you suffer from allergies

We spend around one third of our lives in bed, but this sacred space is not often a priority when it comes to cleaning and wellbeing.  Because we spend most of our time in the bedroom asleep, it is easy to pass over sleeping areas and focus our attention on cleaning the active areas of our homes such as kitchens and sitting areas.

Spring is here and it is time to open windows and enjoy the warm air.  Aim to create a peaceful oasis in your bedroom by removing clutter and focusing the eye on simple, beautiful things.  A small arrangement of fresh flowers can be uplifting –  if you don’t suffer from pollen allergies!

allergies in springtime

Make bedrooms a priority for cleaning & well-being

A clean and relaxing bedroom space will be welcomed by everyone.  Aim to spring clean your bedroom every 3 months, especially if you have allergies.

  • Start the laundry.

All bedlinens should be washed at 60 degrees or higher if you have been ill.  This will help to kill off unwanted bacteria, allergens  and bed bugs.  If you have an organic anti-bacterial essential oil blend such as Hygge, add this to your organic laundry liquid.  The Sleep Foundation recommends washing bedding at least once a week using the hottest water the label recommends.  In spring & summer, drying bedding outside is the best option.  The sun helps to kill off bugs and will whiten and freshen all bedding items.

Over time, all bedlinen turns yellow or yellowish.  Body oils, sweat and creams & lotions affect the colour of sheets and pillowcases. Washing whites in organic Castile soap can really help to brighten your bedding especially if you wash at 60 degrees or higher.

  • Wash toppers and pillows.

Stick to natural fabrics for toppers & pillows where possible – cotton and wool are great if you have allergies.  Wash according to instructions but if the weather is good, air dry either on a washing line if you have a garden or on a drying rack next to an open window.  A few drops of an organic anti-bacterial/anti-viral essential oil blend is recommended especially as  these items are not washed so often.  Do make sure toppers & pillows are 100% dry before you reuse them.  You may need to put them in a warm airing cupboard or use a heated drying rack overnight.  It is very important that there is no moisture in  pillows or toppers which could transfer to the mattress.

  • Vacuum your mattress.

Give your mattress a vacuum with the upholstery brush to get rid of dust and debris.  A steam cleaner can be used to help remove stains but do make sure the mattress is completely dry before making your bed.  Regular vacuuming of your mattress does seem to reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.  For those with severe allergies, mattress cleaners are available with an electric brushroll and UV-C light that kill dust mite and remove dust mite allergens.

  • Wash windows.

Clean windows are very uplifting especially in the spring.  Use an organic window cleaner and enjoy immediate results!

Curtains should be vacuumed, and blinds should be wiped down with a damp cloth and organic sanitiser.

  • Clean paintwork, door handles, light switches & cupboard knobs.

An organic sanitiser is a great option for cleaning surfaces in the bedroom.  You can pump a little onto a washable cloth and clean all sealed surfaces.  Remember to rinse the cloth thoroughly to remove germs.

  • Clean bedside tables.

Remove clutter and clean your bedside tables with an organic multi-surface spray or  sanitiser.  Dust on books should be vacuumed away using a soft upholstery attachment.  Bedside lights should be wiped clean and shades lightly vacuumed to remove dust and debris.

  • Helpful daily routines.

After you wake up, remove your duvet from your bed and leave it to air out either over a chair or near an open window.  Air out your bottom sheet and pillow too, so that moisture that has accumulated after a night’s sleep can be wicked away.  Bedroom windows should remain open as much as possible in the spring but for hay fever sufferers Allergy UK recommends:

Keep windows closed, this is most important in the early mornings, when pollen is being released, and in the evening when the air cools”, Allergy UK 2023.

This may mean closing bedroom windows in the early evening and opening them again when you wake up.

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