Doctor Seaweed Sustainable Supplements Interview – “It isn’t weird…it’s wonderful!”

Meet Dr Craig Rose, founder of Doctor Seaweed who make sustainable supplements. He is passionate about utilising seaweed, the forgotten food, in a sustainable, organic way. Craig aims to educate people on how to utilise one of the most abundant sources of natural nutrition.

Dr Craig Rose, marine biologist and founder of Doctor Seaweed
Dr Craig Rose, marine biologist and founder of Doctor Seaweed

What is Doctor Seaweed and how did it all begin?

As a marine biologist, I founded Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful nutritional supplements to bring seaweed benefits to people’s lives. My vision to deliver natural health and wellness through sustainable seaweed because it’s health benefits help us and the planet. 

Why seaweed?

I believe seaweed is wonderful! We’ve forgotten about it, it was used in many cultures in multiple aspects of life. It’s highly available, very sustainable and rich in a myriad of nutritional benefits. Seaweed is a natural wholefood containing lots of minerals and trace elements. The key benefit of our supplement range is iodine, an essential mineral that is severely lacking in the Western diet.

Doctor Seaweed growing in the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Doctor Seaweed growing in the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland

At Greenscents we believe in the importance of sustainable, small, local producers, would you agree?

Sustainability is extremely important to us. We have a small team on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides who harvest, dry and mill the seaweed into a fine powder. Being able to guarantee our customers sustainability and provenance of our seaweed as a priority means a lot to us. Seaweed itself is also very beneficial to the environment. It doesn’t need land, fresh water or fertiliser to grow. These are some of the current sustainability issues of land-based farming. It also acts as a carbon sink pulling down greenhouse gases from the atmosphere like carbon dioxide storing it. 

You mention that your seaweed is organic. Can you tell us why you think that is important for your sustainable supplements?

Our seaweed being organic gives the customer reassurance that the product doesn’t use any unnecessary chemicals or processing methods. We strive to guarantee the high quality of our product through these means. In addition to this, as we harvest it within the pristine waters of the Outer Hebrideswe we prioritise it’s traceability. They are regularly tested for quality assurance. This means we test every harvest for all aspects of health, quality and nutrition to ensure we get the best product.

Harvesting seaweed in the Hebrides sea in Scotland
Harvesting seaweed in the Outer Hebrides seas in Scotland

We believe strongly in third party certification. Can you tell us about your approach to testing and partnerships for Doctor Seaweed’s sustainable suplements?

We are extremely selective about our partners and prioritise a shared ethos of sustainability. We love Greenscents for their similar focus on natural and environmentally conscious products for a healthy happy home. This is the outlook we apply to all partnerships. Many of our customers also value this and prioritise natural health and beauty products.

Do you see Doctor Seaweed as leading the way in the supplement industry pushing for organic, sustainable solutions?

We do see ourselves at the forefront of nutritional developments in seaweed. Sustainable solutions are important now more than ever. This is why we’re happy to utilise a vastly available and sustainable resource while still prioritising quality of ingredients devoid of fillers and bulking agents. For example, through extensive research we have shown that our seaweed is a much more effective natural source of iodine than synthetic forms like potassium iodide. This is something the nutrition industry extensively uses making Doctor Seaweed sustainable supplements better.

Doctor Seaweed 'Pure Seaweed' and 'Immunity' nutrition supplements
Doctor Seaweed ‘Pure Seaweed’ and ‘Immunity’ nutrition supplements

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